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If you consider purchasing, we can fully concentrate on what matters, continue working on the mods!

Time is something thats never enough... We have a life as well and there are many things that come in the way and it is hard to concentrate on what we really are here for.
We don't want to betray anyone, we want to continue working on what we love! And we love our mods!
We work on our mods since 2012 and we came a long way, but we still have tons of plans and projects we want to work on.
But we need money to work. Webhosting is expensive and as more and more content is added to our websites, the JinGames Network needs better servers.

Modpacks are not allowed, however If you refer a server and/or a modpack here, with enough refers to the server with a modpack or to the modpack directly, it will be considered that the specific modpack referred to has permission to run the next month.
But each month the server needs to have a sepcific number of refers, so in the next month it can continue having a permission to run.
These Modpacks/servers that are granted permission to run will be showed on a page once its done.

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